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Our professional software team provides arcade fishing game development services to customers who want to develop their own new games or copy other games. High Hold Percentage up to 100%! No.1 Best Seller Ever! wide range of percentage hold from 20% to 100% and you can adjust the percentage as...

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Our professional software team provides arcade fishing game development services to customers who want to develop their own new games or copy other games. High Hold Percentage up to 100%! No.1 Best Seller Ever! wide range of percentage hold from 20% to 100% and you can adjust the percentage as you like. You cannot wait to have it placed in your location to win big money.

Feature of Our New Gambling Fish Arcade Fishing Game Machine: 
High profit game machine. The software has been strictly tested before delivery, steady and Popular.

All games are through rigorous site testing before delivery. Also, they keep low fault rate even in long term use in all kinds of game centers, which can save cost of maintenance of machines.


How to Play: 

1.Insert coins to coin acceptor or insert bill to bill acceptor

2. Press the start button, swirl the joystick, press fire buttom to catching fish;

3.You can change the grade of the power;

4.After you win, the machine will return the conins or tickets as the Scroe.

Available games( both English version and Chinese version):
Most popular games in USA: IGS Fish Hunter, King of Treasures, Dragon Hunter, Ocean King 2 Ocean Monster, Ocean King 2 Golden Legend, Ocean King 2 Ocean monster Plus, Thunder Dragon, Full Attack, Seafood Paradise Plus, Fisherman Club. Crazy Shark, Seafood Paradise-Pirate's Treasures, Tiger Strike, Phoenix Realm, Marine Carnival, Fire Kirin, Mermaid and Monster


Basic information:


Fishing game machine


Ocean King 2

Model No.



6 0r 8


110v or 220v


Metal and plastic






164*120*94 cm (For 6 players table-board)

220*178*100 cm (For 8 players table-board)


Host computer and software manufacturer


Display manufacture

Samsung or LG LCD display

Display size

47" or 55 "

Cabinet size, color and pattern

can be customized

input-output options

coin in/out, bill acceptor/thermal printer


1. The unique design make the gameplay attractive and addictive which can make sure the player will be more and more can continually.

2. Several mini gameplay contained in the main game. Increased the fun of the game a lot.

3. The perfect roles and the undersea scenery with the full 3D graphic make the perfect players immersive.

4. The easy way to operate.

5. The key in/out function make it easy for the operator to operate the machine.

6. The input/output options (Coin in/out, bill acceptor/thermal printer) make it suitable for any country.

7. Can be used in many places: Shopping malls, Supermarkets, Convenience stores,Kiosks,Hospitals,Residential squares, Theme parks, Amusement Centers, Cinemas and so on.

8. Get the profits easily and continually.

9. The high quality of the hardware will make sure our products perform stably.


Our Advantage:
·Over 3000 square meters showroom and 5000 square meters factory with high end metal production facilities.
·Be able to develop fishing games and slot games for areas under different laws and regulations.
We have our own metal and wood factory to build the cabinets and assemble machines All by ourselves, thus minimize the cost to offer you the best quality with most reasonable price! OEM Services and customization for game machine cabinet is warmly welcomed!


Suggested Game: 

The Seafood Paradise 2 Plus (Advanced Version) 8 Player Arcade Machine is an upgraded English version of it’s predecessor, housed in a Seafood Paradise 2 8 Player arcade cabinet.

This Seafood Paradise 2 Plus comes with a number of fun features to keep players entertained and coming back for more chances to win! The main difference between this version and its predecessor is:

-New Puffer fish added: catch the light Puffer fish to obtain an iron-bomb;
-Greedy fish: increases their rate 200-600 times by eating fish under 10 times rate;
– Whale values increased: red whale 100 to 300 times and gold whale 300 to 600 times;
-Pikachu: shoot at Pikachu to trigger a chain lightning;
-Increase in activation function: You can active the profitable scores by factory default setting using an activation code; same with marketing.

Seafood Paradise 2 Plus 8 Player Arcade Machine is the latest in the English version series for new game play and increased profits. This fun and exciting game will draw in players from all across the floor with these range of thrilling features:

-19 different types of fish for players to try and catch – the bigger the catch, the more points you earn!

-Special weapons include:

-Energy Cannon – fire for 30 seconds without any effect to your gun charge;

-Circular Power Grid – emits a shock grid area and moves around the playfield shocking anything that touches the area;

-Invincible Cannonball – bombs the full screen, affecting all visible fish;

-Lucky Fish — When killing the lucky fish, player will get a x2~x3 Bonus reward for any kind of fish. Maximum reward is 150 time Bets!

-Convenient Operation – Auto Attack, Aim Attack makes the game operation more convenient and easy! You can hit any fish as you wish!

-Pikachu Chain Lightning – Creates a chain between many fish on the playfield and causing damage to a large number of fish.

-Heat Flames – creates a flaming snake-like burst which causes damage to all the fish it touches as it shoots across the shoal.

-Octopus Bomb – As the octopus’ face goes red players can shoot it to cause an explosion.

-Rolling Thunder – hit the octopus to bring a rolling thunder bomb and killing all common species of fish on the screen.

-Frozen Stopwatch – will freeze all the fish within range and killing fish in this time can award double score.




New Models of Luxury Cabinets Ranging from 32'' to 85'' Monitors. You Must Be Able to Find What You Like Most Here.


Reassembled cabinets- The Most Popular Solution in USA Now. 
Easy to re-install, Huge Space Saved when Shipped (Money Saved), Hardly to be Detected.




About Our Company: 
Guangzhou Guangsheng Game And Amusement Equipment Co., Limited. (HK GUANGSHENG ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED) . 
· Founded in 2003, located in Panyu, where is the biggest manufacture and distribution center of arcade game machines in China. 
·Specialized in manufacturing, selling and after-sale service of arcade slot game machines.
·Has a highly effective and responsible team
·Over 3000㎡showroom and 5000㎡ factory with high end metal production facilities.
·Be able to develop fishing games and slot games for areas under different laws and regulations.

Why Choose Us?


We have a profession strong team to programme gambling   machine for   sale game software and design cabinet appearance


We have our own device of designing and producing metal and wood cabinet, more than 5000m2 factory to 
guarantee powerful production capability

24 H 7D Aftersales

Our whole aftersales team is stand by 24 hours to troubleshoot your problems in the shortest time

Buying and 
Inspection Service

We are willing to help our customers buy and inspect their products bought from other places in China. 

Our Special Services:
1. Free of charge on repair the spoiled gambling machine accessories even been damaged in other factories.
2. Free of charge on the service of container loading of other goods purchased from other places in China,
3. Free of charge of offering professional English arcade disassemble drawing, assembling drawing, wiring diagram, fault solution of all products, solve all the arcade technology problem for our customers.
4. Free of charge on the service of hotel reservation, car pick up, English translation and introduction of the market condition.
5. Be able to arrange technicians to go abroad for gambling machine maintenance, arcade technology training etc for gambling machine

Why Choose Guangsheng:

1. Over 10 years’manufacturing experience in electronical product and game machine equipment industry.

2. Diversified products line to meet different requirement.

3. Professional team offers technical support to customers.

4. Our technicians go to different countries to help customers solve problems of their game city and amusement park.

5. Feedback the marketing information to the customers.

6. Provide complete solution to establish the play center and amusement park. Including selection of lactation, design, decoration, routine management.



Provide design service for game center and park

Provide bargain service for buying in China

Provide warehouse for collecting goods

Provide OEM service for your products

Please be free to buy the gambling shooting fish game fishing game table gambling machine coin operated card operated underground casino with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized service is also offered in our factory.


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