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On-Line Virtual Bookkeeping We can tackle your bookkeeping without the need to come into the office or have a bookkeeper come on site. If you use an on-line accounting package you can continue to use your bookkeeping software while it work in the background.

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Location Management System--Multi-business management

With the improvement of people's living standards, consumer demand is increasingly diversified, and the consumption content of culture and entertainment is constantly changing. The complexity of the demand structure has prompted modern playgrounds or tourism complexes to develop a variety of different formats to meet consumer needs from different perspectives. For example, the theme park meets the needs of middle-to-high-end consumers and ordinary consumers on specific holidays; children's paradise and early education meet the needs of parents for children's growth and education; amusement parks and shopping malls meet the needs of parents for leisure shopping and children's play; Achieving comprehensive and multi-level satisfaction after full market segmentation by consumers can enable amusement parks to improve revenue performance at different levels.

Multi-business card management

Full support for the "Amusement" business as the core, to meet the management of a multi-business card such as education, sports, water bar, catering, derivatives sales, etc.

Multiple storage methods

With physical currency, electronic currency, gold coins, tokens, electronic lottery, physical lottery and other multi-value storage methods

Flexible sales method

Support single ticket, multi-project combination package, time ticket, time limit ticket, accompanying ticket and other sales methods

Support multiple marketing models

Support business management needs such as joint venture, leasing, distribution, and agency sales, and increase more sources of income

Flexible sales method

Support single ticket, multi-project combination package, time ticket, time limit ticket, accompanying ticket and other sales methods

The core value of multi-business management:

First, reduce business risks

According to the industry life cycle theory, each industry can be divided into four stages: innovation period, development period, maturity period and recession period. The stages of the life cycle of different formats are different. For example, the department stores in China are at maturity, the shopping centers are in the development stage, the amusement parks and entertainment areas are in the innovation stage, and the early education industry is in the mature stage. The profitability of each format is different in different periods, and the life cycle length of amusement parks and amusement spots is difficult to predict. If you only operate one format, you may face the risk of being eliminated at any time in the future. Therefore, amusement parks and amusement parks can try to operate a variety of formats at the same time, or operate in conjunction with other formats to spread risk.

Second, enhance competitiveness

At present, most of the amusement parks and amusement spots are becoming more and more similar. In order to improve their competitiveness, some newly-built amusement parks and amusement spots have been exploring the innovation and development of the industry, and gradually turned into a mixed-business strategy. Through the organic combination and complementary synergy of different formats, we can realize the advantages of resource integration, increase market share and strengthen brand effect.