Candy Games

The electronic claw game is a gift vending machine and is a relatively simple one in a large game machine. There are Japanese style clip machine (2 claws) and Korean clip doll machine (3 claws). Electronic claw game The current catching doll machine is very common, it can be called flooding,...

Product Details


Gameplay introduction:

1. Invest tokens.

2. Turn the rocker and aim the paw at the gift to be grabbed.

3. Press the button.

4. Grab the gift and take it out at the gift port.

Machine features:

1. The colorful lights of the candy machine attract consumers' attention.

2. The candy machine is transparent on all sides and has good visual effects.

3. The overall design is simple but not simple, and the high cost performance is not to be missed.

4. Bring your own gift warehouse, don't worry about nowhere to store gifts.

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