Claw Games For Kids

The electronic claw game is a gift vending machine and is a relatively simple one in a large game machine. There are Japanese style clip machine (2 claws) and Korean clip doll machine (3 claws). Electronic claw game The current catching doll machine is very common, it can be called flooding,...

Product Details

1.jpg2014_GS_cotton_candy_machine_candy_machineryextra mini size toy crane machinesuper mini gift clae machine

Machine features:

1. Independent research and development of core motherboard, stable program, lifetime warranty

2. Transparent appearance design and decoration of anime elements, a stronger experience of fun atmosphere

3. Game programs can be customized according to customer needs

4. One-in-one, two-in-one and three-in-one design, rich in gifts, save space on the venue, and the side-by-side arrangement is more gorgeous

5. Games for players of all ages

6. The gift selection is more abundant to meet multiple needs

How to play:

After coin insertion, control the boom to move left, right, back and forth through the rocker, after moving to the appropriate point, press the grab button to grab the gift, and the gift can be obtained after the gift drops

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