Tabletop Claw Machine

The electronic claw game is a gift vending machine and is a relatively simple one in a large game machine. There are Japanese style clip machine (2 claws) and Korean clip doll machine (3 claws). Electronic claw game The current catching doll machine is very common, it can be called flooding,...

Product Details

1.jpgextra mini size toy crane machinesuper mini gift clae machine

Machine features:

1. Fantasy girlish style, strolling through the clouds, oasis style, cute forest style, idyllic style, etc., with various styles, styles and choices

2. The price is super affordable, the same configuration is only the lowest, no lower.

3. Diversify venues and gather customers visually. Strengthen the adaptability and see it in all-round playgrounds, children's parks, shopping malls, commercial streets, pedestrian streets, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms ...

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