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Our professional software team provides arcade/casino/fishing game development services to customers who want to develop their own new games or copy other games. High Hold Percentage up to 100%! No.1 Best Seller Ever! wide range of percentage hold from 20% to 100% and you can adjust the percentage as...

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Our Company Focuses on Casino Games PC Development

Refine customer needs, personalize custom development, and create a fine Casino Games PC

Generally, Casino Games PC is divided into several categories:


The poker game is mature and stable, with fast online, high retention and strong profitability

Slot Game

The slot game has a large general market, low cost, strong stickiness, and fast promotion

Skill Game

The skill game is very regional, with little competition, easy operation, and a strong sense of player intimacy

Other Kind

Other special types of games, especially fishing games with strong gold attraction, wide audience, quick start and high profit

Thousands of Slot Game Boards to Be Chosen -小尺寸





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Reassembled cabinets- The Most Popular Solution in USA Now. 
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Guangsheng is committed to becoming an enterprise that "defines the highest standard of game development technology" and makes the most distinctive high-tech game software products with outstanding team technology. The company applies VR (virtual reality) technology to mobile/web games, and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to agent back-end systems and operating systems, representing the most advanced game development and operation technology in China.

Please be free to buy the casino games pc with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized service is also offered in our factory.