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Our professional software team provides arcade/casino/fishing game development services to customers who want to develop their own new games or copy other games. High Hold Percentage up to 100%! No.1 Best Seller Ever! wide range of percentage hold from 20% to 100% and you can adjust the percentage as...

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Introduction to Our Html5 Casino Games Gaming Platform:

1. Language can be switched between Chinese and English, customers can customize other languages if necessary

2. Diversity of global game control, the lobby and background can be operated at the same time without restarting the server

3. Perfect background financial system, you can clearly find the player's game currency game

4. Brand new home system, players can open their own room according to their needs (note that the room is not a table)

5. Various game modes (timed, full, full table games, etc.), tasks, Dibao, lottery system, etc.

6. Friends chat system, can directly chat with friends in the game lobby, invite friends to participate in the game.

7. If customers have special needs, we can develop customized game halls for customers

Technical Support:

Deliver products within the specified time

Free installation, commissioning and erection

Free product operation and maintenance training 6X8 hours free technical support

Lifetime bug free correction

7X8 hours professional customer service

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