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Our company undertakes the custom development service of IOS/Android original ecological commercial games, from the initial needs communication, project evaluation, technical/visual UI, UE planning; to the front-end development, program development, interface docking, program testing in the development stage; to the release stage Go to the major Android markets and APP Store officially launched seamless full docking.

The development scale of mobile game APP projects can be large or small, but they are inseparable from the following members: product managers, ui designers, front-end development, back-end development, testing, etc. How to arrange the work of project members reasonably and ensure the smooth progress of the project, a clear and reasonable control of the project development process is very important.

We can divide the game APP project development into three stages according to the nature of the work,

The first stage is the demand stage,

The second stage is the research and development stage,

The third stage is the release stage.

Each stage includes multiple steps, step by step, and finally complete the development of the project.

1. Demand stage

Project technical development and visual planning: each department starts the project meeting, the design department begins to design UI (product interface) and UE (user experience), creative design for the product, forming a preliminary rendering, after the first customer’s confirm. After the second modification based on the specific results of the exchange, the high-fidelity visual map was finally confirmed with the customer, and the R&D phase began.

2. R&D stage

  2.1. Project Huihai: Develop a requirement review based on the product requirements document, and evaluate the R&D cycle, test time, pre-release time point, and official release time point.

  2.2. Program development process: front-end development-program development-interface docking-third-party access (Alipay, etc.)-regular project meeting communication and control of project development progress-development budget audit.

  2.3. Program testing: Multi-model simultaneous testing of product-oriented platforms, including: App content testing, App performance testing, App functional testing, App visual testing, and debugging and repairing of BUG. After passing the test and confirming that there are no bugs, communicate with the customer and start acceptance. Tested by the customer and put forward suggestions for modification.

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