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CAPCOM Classic Arcade Games

Jun 26, 2018

I believe many players do not know that most of the games we once played in arcade games were CAPCOM.

When we were playing arcade games that year, we would always see some logos NEOGEO, SNK, CAPCOM, IREM, Technōs.... Although very familiar, but at that time we only knew to play, and where did we know the origin of these game developers?

Many years later, we gradually became familiar with some famous game companies and their game IPs. At this time, we learned that most of the games that we played in the past year were a company.

Such as alloy warheads, true souls, blood hits, King of Fighters, legend of hungry wolf .... are SNK;

Captain Hook, Violent Interpol, Ninja Baseball... all are IREM companies;

And more classic games are CAPCOM, like: round table warriors, whirlwinds, street fighter, punishers, dinosaurs, devour the world.....

It can be said that every game in CAPCOM is an inter-generational masterpiece, much better than other games of the same year.