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Doll Machine Future Trends! Worldwide

Jun 21, 2018

Doll machines take root in the Asian market. Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea are all popular in the streets. In recent years, it has slowly been returned to China. It has been widely distributed in major cities in China such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Since 2017, it has been introduced into small and medium-sized cities at an alarming rate, sweeping across China.


For dolls, the value of gifts is the number one factor in attracting consumers. In the United States, the popularity of doll machines has benefited greatly from its large-scale shops in chain restaurants such as Pizza Hut. In the Chinese Taiwan market, doll machines have already become a beautiful landscape in the crowded night market. Since its development, doll machines have almost become the standard for shopping malls in major shopping malls.


       In addition to the introduction of popular doll toys, doll machine operators are also trying to manage the business with the times. New features such as mobile payment and circle of friends have become the highlights of the new generation of dolls. The original intention of this “intelligent” doll machine design is to facilitate management. Each doll machine is an IoT terminal. Through the remote management system, each machine can exchange data with the server. Operators can view the revenue data and fault conditions of each machine through mobile phones, modify parameters in time, and remove obstacles.


       The development of the mobile Internet has also provided new imaginative space for this type of gaming equipment. Operators have teamed up with the venues to bind the WeChat public account of the shopping malls and restaurants to the machines, providing a “powder intake” for the venues. . Of course, there are various interpretations of this powder suction method. In any case, linking the doll machine with the public number and opening up the online and offline channels provides a new channel for online promotion. This is a business model innovation.

       The doll machine that operates in this mode is a popular Wechat entertainment device suitable for all ages, because the conventional doll machine has been on the market for more than ten years and is enduring. The WeChat and the Doll Machine together seem to work together. People scan the two-dimensional code and pay attention to the merchant's WeChat public number, and they can clip the dolls for free. Combining ordinary entertainment equipment with the mobile Internet, the monotonous coin-operated doll machine has become a smart product that combines online and offline, realizing the O2O model.


       Analysis of the development trend of the doll machine, doll machine market is booming, operators how to get a share of this big cake in the doll machine market? Here's a suggestion from a doll machine operator.

At present, from the point of view of the traditional doll machine operation, the first step is to find the venue. The location of a typical doll machine is a shopping mall, shopping mall aisles, supermarket entrances, escalators, food Street and other locations are relatively good choices. With regard to the venue, there are several small insights as follows.

Signing his agreement to stop competitors from entering the market

This kind of talk is definitely a price to pay, but the return is quite good. The means is nothing more than “treaty and temptation”, and the emergence of the cards for a strike is a good idea. Coupons, circle of friends, etc. can all be used. However, it should be noted that once an exclusive agreement is reached, it must be completed in the shortest possible time to maximize the benefits in the shortest possible time.

Same venue/multi-position:

       In the same mall, strive to get more points, usually in this case, rent can be talked about in a packaged way, and generally there will be some discounts. In the shopping mall planning, the position left for the doll machine is limited. There can be one more and one less competitor.

Use their own advantages to fight for rent relief

       Through the cooperation of the public number, gifting of game codes, and advertising with friends, it is highly possible to sign an agreement on rent reduction. The reduction of rent is actually an increase in profits.

Good location:

       To spend money to rent a venue is actually spending money to buy traffic. Choosing a good location may have very different revenue results. Social is traffic, traffic is money. In the operation process, we must make full use of the machine's free, forward, and other functional advantages. Under the condition that the external conditions have been set, using the functions of the doll machine itself can also greatly improve the revenue. Because each dog machine will be cold from time to time, and because of the herd effect, once the cold field will have a lot of time wasted. Make a good guide card, use the free game code to attract users to stand in front of the machine as much as possible, the situation of the cold field will not appear frequently!