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How To Develop Arcade Games In The Future

Jul 11, 2018

Arcade game, urgently waiting for industrial upgrade

    The financial crisis that began in 2008 has caused many companies to slow down and let many product prices fall. For the game HD industry, the most exciting thing is the good news of LCD crazy price cuts, from panel to machine price. "Diving", all major manufacturers have fully joined the price cuts, many large game machine manufacturers will become profit-seekers, a new round of high-definition game "storm" has fully opened...

LCD price reduction

    The financial crisis has led to a decline in demand in Western countries. The high-end LCD overcapacity has directly led to a sharp change in the LCD market. Some LCD panel factories and upstream production lines are still expanding. According to DisplaySearch's second quarterly report, it is estimated that there are 20 glass substrates. The furnace (the main raw material for making panels) will be launched this year, with the total number increasing from 117 in the fourth quarter of last year to 137. According to the area, the global LCD panel production capacity will increase by 25% this year. There are also statistics showing that by 2010, 5-7 new generation production lines will be added globally, an increase of more than 40%, including Shenzhen Innolux, which invests 1.5 billion yuan, which will further increase the supply of LCD panels. Leading, constantly causing prices to continue to fall.

The frame game machine will be dominated by liquid crystal

The advantages of LCD screens are well known. They can be made lighter and clearer than CRT, no radiation, no flicker is more conducive to health, and power consumption is small, saving electricity costs and so on. However, in the field of game consoles, especially in the field of domestic game consoles, it seems that it has been unmoved. Even if the scanning tube is cumbersome and unclear, even if the scanning tube is not used for a long time, the screen will begin to change color and shape, but so far the game field has been The scanning picture tube is dominant. The author has always wanted to understand the reasons, especially the various computer monitors have been completely replaced by liquid crystal displays, the color TV market has long been dominated by LCD TVs, and even most industrial manufacturing equipment has fully adopted LCD screens. Why is the game machine not fully using LCD?

  Through several industry sources, LCD can't directly display the game screen, which makes it impossible to use LCD. Therefore, there are many manufacturers involved in making game consoles, but there is no standard, especially some early game consoles. The resolution of the manufacturers is completely different, resulting in the LCD not being displayed, so the LCD screen cannot be directly applied. However, these problems have been completely solved in the near future. From the industry, we have learned that Guangbaisi has successfully launched the “HD Solution”. With the “HD Solution”, you can easily lock all kinds of frame machines, arcades and game consoles with one-click lock function. Into the high-definition picture, perfect docking of various LCD screens, the game machine application LCD screen becomes very simple and easy.

A stone has stirred up thousands of waves. Recently, Huaqin launched 32-inch LCD "Ultimate Fighting", 42-inch "fighting and fighting", Shiyu, Wellcome, Shenfeifei, Huali, Huafeng, etc. Various LCD game consoles. For a time, LCD game ads flooded the major game magazines and were everywhere. LCD games first cut into fighters, guns, dance machines, car machines, finger fingers, etc., followed by tanks, small fighting, landlords, mahjong machines and so on. Even some of the Bocai machines and connection machines have begun to adopt LCD screens. LCD HD games have become out of control for a while, starting a full eruption like a volcano...........

  According to industry insiders, the game console will be dominated by LCD screens, which will completely subvert the scanning picture tube that has dominated the game console for more than 30 years. It will be very difficult to buy a picture tube after three years. Pipe companies will want to switch to LCD (Changhong, China Image, SVA).

The heroes competed

  Changhong and TCL, SVA and other large enterprises are also actively preparing for the war. It is understood that they have provided back-projection to game manufacturers, mainly supplying gun games, so the demand has not been large, and there has been no real attention to the market of game consoles. But now the situation has changed, all kinds of game consoles can use LCD screens, which is bound to sharply increase the demand for LCD screens, so they have begun to seize the game console market. TCL has already set up an office in Panyu and has clearly stated that it will fully capture the gaming machine LCD market.

Who will be the ultimate winner?

  In 2009, the game console market will start to recover in an all-round way. Who will become the "champion" of this round of LCD looting? The so-called people rely on clothing and horses to saddle, the game machine can never be separated from its "outerwear", that is, the frame of the game machine, Kexin created and other strong launch of the LCD frame "LIVE GAME". Its novel design, and very beautiful, coupled with the loading of 32-inch high-definition LCD, is definitely a blockbuster in the game industry in 2008! Kexin's creation is a dark horse that has become the frame industry, and stands out among many manufacturers! It is understood that other frame manufacturers are also actively following up, various LCD frames will be launched one after another. The frame machine industry may also be reshuffled from the new ones. Whoever has excellent design will win the LCD game.

  The conversion card company that also supports LCDs will also develop rapidly. From the manager of Gonbes tech, the company is committed to developing a complete and stable video solution for LCD game console manufacturers. The launch of the series of products will improve the game video product line, and serve the majority of game machine manufacturers to complete the industrial upgrade from CRT to HD LCD.


  In addition to these forward-looking companies will become winners, of course, the final winner is the end user, the author surveyed some users, the players are very supportive of high-definition LCD games, the same LCD game consoles are also very high, some entertainment venues The business is also very popular. When asked if a older loyal player likes HD LCD games, he said, "I like it very much, just let me wait too long, I thought I couldn't wait..." His answer was meaningful, I suddenly Feeling sour, I can't answer the words. But now I know the answer, that is, "all major manufacturers are working hard. I believe that it will not take long for the streets and alleys to be completely replaced with high-definition LCD game consoles. We will never let any player wait for the flight...