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How To Make Profit With VR Products In The New Trend Of Technology

May 16, 2018

At present, the virtual reality and augmented reality markets are still in the early stages of development. It is still inaccurate to completely explain the models built on many virtual reality product platforms. However, companies that have already participated in the virtual reality market may not be able to ignore future revenues. Which direction to invest in R&D and how to design products is closely related to the future business model.

The possible business models in the virtual reality and augmented reality markets are hardware sales revenue, advertising revenue, game internal product purchase revenue, video content sales revenue, and e-commerce platform service revenue.

1. Revenues from hardware sales include virtual reality helmets, glasses, joysticks, and assisted PCs, as well as other accessories that cannot be exhausted. There is no doubt that hardware upgrades are behind the upgrade of large electronic products. The entire industry chain can profit from the manufacture, assembly and sale of components such as lenses, sensors, and monitors.

Facebook's Oculus Rift helmet is priced at $ 599, but the need for supporting the price of $ 1000 PC host support; Microsoft's augmented reality device HoloLens currently only a developer version, the price is as high as 3,000 US dollars. Every virtual reality helmet and accessory product is sold, the virtual reality helmet company and the hardware manufacturer are profitable. Similar to the sale of smart phones, you can make money early on at a high price. After a period of time, you can reduce the price. However, the cost of hardware manufacturing is also declining, so profits can be accepted.

2. Game internal product purchase income Game users are the most willing to spend a group of people, game enthusiasts for the pursuit of equipment is endless, so this part of the people's money is also the best earned, possible income methods include in-game virtual devices Purchase, and purchase of game peripherals.

Online game support from several Internet companies in China and the wealth of the rich, is to rely on internal game purchases and other ways to continue to earn interest from players; virtual reality equipment because it can bring a lot of on-site participation in the game, it was everyone optimistic about The money market of the game market, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive now on sale all have matching game gifts, because Apple has set a good precedent for in-game purchases. It is estimated that virtual reality game developers will also choose similar profitable methods.

Sony's virtual reality program requires the purchase of PS4 consoles and helmets. It also requires the purchase of PlayStation Cameras and joysticks. At least $800 is fully available. Sony announced that at least 160 games are under development. Most of them are game developers. Sony should It is to provide the platform and then share the income of the game player to purchase the equipment again.

3. Advertising Revenue and Video Content Sales Revenue When watching a video played by a virtual reality or augmented reality device, a user may log in to a corresponding website through a network, and a video or other content provider may insert the advertisement to profit. The sale of video content may be similar to the sale of movies or TV dramas by Apple iTunes, as well as any video content sold at a price. The more positive ones in this regard are the Hollywood film production companies and pornographic film makers.

4. Revenue from e-commerce platform services In the future, more and more shopping is happening on the Internet. Users need to look beyond touch or other products to see if they are suitable for themselves.

For example, when purchasing furniture, the user can set a space for the size of his own family room, drag the intentional furniture into the room, simulate the placement, select a full set of furniture after multiple attempts, and place a single password to place orders. Amazon, JD.com, Taobao, and other platforms can play a greater role, and users can avoid the hassle of running the building materials market or choosing IKEA.

5. Broadband and device profitability Telecom operators and corresponding equipment manufacturers need higher bandwidth to play games or watch videos in virtual reality devices because they are both high-definition images and stereo, which is expected to be more than 5 times that of current video, and telecommunications. Operators will earn their own profits in the sale and upgrade of bandwidth.