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Open A Video Game Room To Pay Attention To What

Jun 12, 2018

“Nobody has seen the fit and there is a knowing of it”. This is a famous saying of Beijing Tong Ren Tang, which is a century-old brand. In the popular saying, it is the ingenuity. What is the ingenuity is the process of self-denial, self-challenge and self-improvement in order to achieve the ultimate customer experience. When one mentions the spirit of ingenuity, more people think of manufacturing first. However, as the operation of video games, there is no shortage of ingenuity.

1. First, the environment. The customer group of the arcade is the player, so the environment is the most important thing. In our business process, the requirements for the environment not only stay at the neat level, but also the deeper environmental requirements are the key. In the game room, whether the lighting makes the player's customers feel comfortable, whether it makes people feel safe, careful management will consider the lighting environment very thoughtful, the lights will not be dazzling, at the same time, the ground can play a role in the lighting, rather than simple With dazzling eyes, there are no dead corners in the venue and people feel safe.

The once-weekly housecleaning must be fully implemented, through strict procedures to ensure thorough cleaning of all equipment, accessories, and places that players can reach, even cleaning and disinfecting each rocker.

2. Secondly, it is service. The intention of the service directly affects the customer's experience and the reputation of the game hall. The ingenious game arcade is very demanding in its pursuit of service. Every employee in the game hall is a smiling ambassador and always has a charming smile. At the same time, they will not hesitate to squat down and communicate with their player customers on an equal basis, so that the player will receive equal treatment from beginning to end. They will carry small souvenirs with them. When the players have a dispute with the parents and cry, they will let the players regain their smiles with a small souvenir. They will bring pens and papers, and they will record the customer's needs and opinions in detail. They will clean up all the rubbish they see.

3. Again, it is the device. The game room equipment not only has fun, but also pays attention to the details of the equipment. For the equipment in the game hall, the equipment will be adjusted on the ground before, during, and after the shipment to the store, especially according to the actual operation of the venue. The layout of the equipment must fully meet the characteristics of the player's customers, and can even be combined into a labyrinth of feelings, so that the players have the joy of a kind of maze adventure, and the equipment selection is recommended in the entertainment era.

4. Finally, the details. The attention to detail in operations is at the heart of the ingenuity of the game hall. Each room in the game room has been adjusted to determine whether or not players are at risk. For example, are the most common outlets equipped with electric shock protection devices installed on the player and are they protected from electric shock every time they are used? Are the glass covers of fire hydrant decorated with cartoons? Are they understandable by the player? The language prompts them to pay attention to safety? Even for the player's seat, it must be tested repeatedly in order to achieve the best state.

5. Only ingenuity, down-to-earth from the customer point of view, brand building and operating a drop-by-drop accumulation, adhere to professional, rigorous and innovative operating philosophy, can the player's game room operations, and achieve brand and efficiency double harvest.