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Punisher - Arcade Games

Jun 28, 2018

Game Features

This action element is very rich, there are collision attacks, special skills, and a variety of jump attacks and throwing attacks. As a typical Capcom cleanup action game, a move of instantaneous "invincible blood loss technology" is essential The difference is that when you are holding an enemy soldier, you can also send blood damage (that is, a powerful throw). However, because of the limited amount of blood, it is not a last resort. It is best not to use this life-saving trick. There are also a few hand-held grenade weapons that also have life-saving effects. When you jump, you press both buttons at the same time. This powerful grenade will descend from the sky. The real place for color is the weapon system. Not only light weapons have ammunition Restrictions: Even the melee weapon has a limited number of attacks. In certain situations, the protagonist will shoot out a pistol. I don't understand why these two guys have a pistol and fight with their fists.