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Remember When I Played This Game In The Game Room When I Was Young?

Jul 28, 2018


Speaking of the game, I really impressed you! When I was very young, when I was still in the fifth and sixth grades, I often ran to the game room to play games. When I was not sensible, I saw that others played very well and sneaked home and took it. My sister’s breakfast money went to buy coins and play games. At that time, I was so mad, my sister yelled at the hungry belly in the morning! I feel very sorry for my sister until now. I still feel very disobedient when I think about it. Now when I grow up, I rarely play it. But now the technology is very high, I can play directly on TV without spending money. How long does it take to play for a long time, and unlimited life; after listening to my story, let's take a look at what games I played in the past! !

The first game: Metal Slug 2

I believe that many people have played this game. This phone is the most classic at that time. It is also a very fun shooting game. There are many versions of this alloy warhead. There are alloy warheads 1, 2 and 3. 4, 5, and alloy warhead X, etc., why only choose the metal warhead 2, the alloy warhead 2 is the most fun, because his difficulty is not high, and the level is the best, the game console was also the same Most have this alloy warhead 2, no other 1345