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The Difference Between Arcade And Home Machine

Jul 20, 2018

Personally think that the difference between arcade and console is its social interaction, which is similar to the difference in the interaction between stand-alone games and online games. The main target group of the early arcade games is the core game players, so the games are mostly confrontational games, such as Street Fighter, kof, etc., the strong are always onlookers, easy to make people have a strong sense of accomplishment. The interaction of the early horizontal action games is weak, and the players are not easy to be onlookers, and the sense of accomplishment is not high. It has gradually been eliminated. Today's arcade games are more attractive to casual players, a large number of music and somatosensory games, the difficulty of getting started is not high, people are easy to get the approval of the group. However, there are a large number of gambling machines in many arcade halls in China, and the gambling machine is placed in the arcade hall. This should also be a national feature.