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What are some fun stand-alone games in the game arcade?

Jun 25, 2018

Tomahawk generation

It is undisputed that this action version of the hacking game I was obsessed with for a long time, can be done without injury. Vga256 color screen and pcspeaker also worthy of music is one of the highlights. If you had a luxury soundblaster sound card that year, the effect would be even better. In particular, the PC version can also be used with a double keyboard (it did not seem to have found a key bit conflict phenomenon), and became one of the few double PC games. The specific situation of the game is not introduced. Earth people know that there is a game with the same name on MD.

2. Prince of Persia

Absolute high-quality PC stand-alone games, most old players have experienced, is simply a horizontal version of Tomb Raider, but it is a man only. The setting of the prescribed time, the puzzle-solving institutions, the unfathomable dungeons, and the gorgeous fighting all became the reasons for love. The status of this series does not need to be reiterated. Now the movie version is out.

3. F19 and A10

I also introduced these two games at the same time, because this is the first batch of first-view flying shooting games I have played. Although they are pseudo-3d, they do not affect their excellent work.

F19 is characterized by a rough picture, a difficult task, and a background setting close to current events (the first Gulf War).

A10 is characterized by a good picture, simple task, no special plot.

They did not leave much of an impression on me. It was really difficult to land. . . . . .

4. Battle of the Taiwan Strait (Chinese)

There were few "taboo games" in the past, and game-oriented strategic works. The general idea is to talk about civil strife in mainland China after the return of Hong Kong in 1997. In order to divert attention and pass on the contradictions, the mainland has resolutely launched a surprise attack on Taiwan. As the commander of the national army, you must dispatch troops to prevent stumbling. Now think about this type of setting that really caters to many people. The funny thing is that when the mainland troops raided, it was simply overwhelming. The game evaluation only cares about how long you can persist, but does not think about how to counterattack.

There are many factors to consider in the game, including oil, ammunition, air force, navy, and army. In short, the PC version of the Taiwan Strait Wargames is deduced. Now I can't find this on the Internet. I really miss it.

5. Swordsman (Chinese)

The first arpg I played on my pc was gorgeous, brilliant, and actually had Chinese voice. The image is similar and the game settings are relatively simple. Although I was cleared by the customs, the boss battle was a joke. The people I played knew what I meant. Currently there is also a download on the Internet. You can use dosbox to simulate it and recommend it for collection.

6. The Legend of Ghost Stories from the Lonely Studio (Chinese)

One of the mysteries of the pc game in my heart is not only because of Diablo's shadow seen from above, but also because of the unique game settings and the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Now let's take a look at the slightly distorted aspect of the game screen. The characters are too large and the visual field is small. The puzzle solving components are much better than the action components. But the boss was gorgeous, and I spent a period of one year off and off, and I was impressed.

7. Vertical and horizontal seven seas (Chinese)

The funny adventure game has a little element of the seafaring era. It tells the story of how to buy a boat to hire a crew to fight savage people to grab something and sell things to find treasures. It is simply a story of a Western colonialist. Character animation is very characteristic. It has to admit that the art of Taiwan software is excellent.

8. Lost Seal (Chinese)

The first Chinese rpg I played on Pc, gorgeous images, Japanese-style story settings, and melodious music made me linger in it. The specific game situation is on the Internet. No details are given here.

9: Three Kingdoms (Chinese)

The excellent strategy games produced by Taiwan are very glorious and glamorous. The music of the Three Kingdoms series, beautiful music, and gorgeous art work are early works worth pondering.

10. Might and Magic 2

Magic rpg's excellent representative work, one of the works of my heart (1-9 generation has not played except for 1 generation, basically studied, 2,3,6,7,8,9 are cleared), it is worth mentioning It was a rare Chinese-language speech that was very shocking.

11. Pagan forgot several generations

Very much like diablo, huge scene design and excellent story, I haven't passed the exam so far, it's just too hard, and it's all in English. Gothic style is very strong.

As an inseparable memory of childhood after 80, I believe arcade players have indelible marks in the depths of many ashes players.